23 July 2015

Andy Ward writes

Andy Ward is one of those people who have always had the 3 peaks on his bucket list and although an accomplished and experienced rider, 2015 will be Andy's first 3 Peaks.

He's written for over-the-pond cousins in 'cross CyclocrossMagazine

Needing a steep slope to practice on and being on 'only rolling' Leicestershire, Andy was directed to the local historic monument of Burrough Hill Fort.
On the face of it, an unlikely location for hill reps, the 2000 year old embankments provide plenty of opportunity to toughen my shoulder and strengthen my legs. An Iron Age Fort for calves of steel! Poring over the map I’ve created a tough training loop, with rutted bridleways and field tracks mixed with rolling road sections to get me to the hill. Two weeks in and it feels like progress is being made.
Read more on CyclocrossMagazine here 

29 December 2014

Barry auditions for The Sweeney? No - it's just the 70s. Exclusive pics from Barry Davies

To end the calendar year, a retro picture special.  These photos were sent by 3 Peaks and general cyclocross icon of the 70s Barry Davies - and originally intended to go with this interview article but arrived a bit late - sorry for the delay thanks to Barry for sending these in.

.. and a Happy New Year to all of you from Dave at the 3 Peaks Cyclocross blog

1975 - With Colin Wilcock on the mic

Horton in Ribblesdale - 1973 or 74

Chapel le Dale (off Whernside, about to start Ingleborough) 1975
Barry's long-time race mechanic Nigel Harrop (now of the TLI) is riding just behind

Barry with Pete Walkington (2nd) and Tom McDonald (3rd) in 1973 or 74

Barry with Chris Wilkinson (2nd) and Vic Barnet (3rd) in 1975

08 November 2014

Interview: 3 Peaks legend Barry Davies

Another huge name in 'cross in my mini-series of interviews, Barry Davies was the first ever person to take three consecutive wins in the event. Showing the type of domination seen in his 60s predecessor Harry Bond and contemporary John Atkins, Barry was someone well-suited to the hardest of 'cross races.

Read the interview here: "3 Peaks legend Barry Davies" on UKCyclocross

07 November 2014

Interview: 3 peaks legend Tim Gould

Dave interviews the first man to win more than four, and went on to SIX wins. There's legends and then there's LEGENDS and then there is Tim Gould. I don't get paid, but, Jeez, I love this job 

06 November 2014

3 Peaks Interview with 3 Peaks legend, Eric Stone

Eric Stone was the first person to win the 3 Peaks Cyclocross five times. An emigrant to the warmer climes of Australis for the last 30 years, Eric was able to visit the race again in 2014 – sadly being brought back to the UK to help family during a bereavement. I had a rare opportunity to catch up with this legend of the 3 Peaks before he left the Yorkshire autumn behind, to chat about the race.

I interviewed him exclusively about the race here on my my here on the UKCyclocross site

31 October 2014

Verity's win - The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

I may be wrong, but I think this is the first link I've published to an article on the Chartered Instisute of Physiotherapy's website.  First time for everything. 

"According to Ms Appleyard, training for the event is renowned as being intense, difficult and time-consuming. She claimed that the training was a lot harder than the race itself."
Read here... Physio wins this year’s Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross event

19 October 2014

Olivier & Jens of Team Abide ride the 'peaks

Jens Frederickx and Olivier Sels made the trip from Belgium to ride the race - both of them for the first time. Both singlespeeders, too. They had the best support vehicle ever, too. Run to the Hills, run for your lives..!

Team Abide rides 3 Peaks from Tommeke Watdoetgenu on Vimeo.

09 October 2014

3 Peaks: the hardest cyclocross race in the world? Stev Thomas on Cyclingtips

I just chanced upon this from September 2013 - 3 Peaks: the hardest cyclocross race in the world? on the Aussie cyclingtips website

As the wind continued to howl and the rain turned sideways in last year’s race, Rob Jebb rode out of the mist to take his ninth 3 Peaks victory, this time with a massive 11-minute winning margin. It had been one of the toughest editions ever of this great race, and a fitting 50th anniversary battle, as well as an end of an era – Rawnsley retired as race organiser.
Some really nice pics there too from Steve Thomas

Neal Crampton's Peak Performance and Ed McParland's successful debut

After 2-13 disappointment, former podium finisher Neal Crampton turned out another excellent ride this year for 4th place
It is 6:30 am, its dark and I’m in the garden changing tyres. It is also the morning of the three peaks cyclo cross. At 3 am that morning (having woken up after another bout of cold sweats and pointy rock shaped nightmares), I’d made the decision to go back to the faithful Schwalbe Landcruisers. After last year's puncture induced DNF I definitely didn’t want a re-run.
Read the blog post here A Peak Performance

07 October 2014

Simon Fell Gopro from TechBytes

This is a great  thing to watch if you were a competitor, and if you weren't, it's possiblky worse than watching paint dry.

Tip: If on a desktop device, click 'Settings' then set speed to 0.5 - then you get real time and you can be STUNNED by the gaps

Oh, and Rob 'running' is obviously just a special video effect. So don't worry.